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Why you should start painting today!!!

First thing when we wakeup in the morning we think about all the chores and errands we will have to run to today. We are always so occupied in thinking how we can do better for our family, how can we can be a better partner to our spouse. But do we think about how we are going make our day full of fun today or how you are going to make your life better today. What you will do to make your self clam, relaxed and happy?

If you think about those things and can not find a way to accomplish those thing then you should start painting and drawing. As an artist and art teacher I find it very therapeutic and meditative. It can take you away from all the sorrows and stress you have. It is so relaxing that you don't want to stop painting once you start, plus it's very productive because you make those beautiful art and you get to learn a new skill.

Painting can take your mind away from unproductive and destructive social media as well. you will spend less time on screen ruining your eyes, browsing stuff which will never to be of any good use to you.

After reading this you don't have to start googling for art classes near you. Just go to nearby art store and buy very basic art material. Don't preplan what you are going to paint.Take your brush and start putting paint on paper or canvas. Feel it as you move your brush. Let your anger or sadness out. Use the colours you feel closer to. Remember the purpose is not to make the best art, but to let your stress out.

If you don't want to paint alone and prefer to work with other grownups you can just call your besties and give them an amazing evening with wine and open the world of colours for them, or you can go for painting workshops especially meant for grownups. If you are in Singapore You can find me for art workshops :). If you are in any other part of the world you can look on google and Instagram or other social platforms for art classes and workshops and remember not to get lost in endless browsing as we need to paint.

One might wonder what is the best time to paint. Before you start your stressful day or after you are done for the day!! It can be individual choice. You can do it like a morning meditation or like an evening yoga right before you sleep. Do it at any time of the day it doesn't matter. What matters that you do it with calm and peaceful mind for the best effect.

For me, I always do it in the late morning when I'm all alone in the house with the chirping sound of birds around me or when the moon is shinning bright and half of the world is sleeping and I can feel the silence of the night.

Do what is best for you. Forget the rest of the world. Let's make art part of our lives because like someone said " the world without art is just EH!!"

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