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Artist. Teacher.

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Hello there,


I was born in winters of the year 1985 in India. Having a carefree childhood gave me the free spirit of 21st century  which is reflecting in my art. Having a strong adolescence gave my art depth of life. Having a beautiful adult life gives my art richness and colours and adds beauty to it. The beauty created by nature inspires me to pour paint on canvas. My love for colours won’t let me stop from playing with them. 


        When people ask if Art is my profession!! I say No!! Its my passion!! I’m a self trained Artist and Art & music teacher.


     “ Inspirations will come and go. Time will keep changing. But my art is always there to fill your life with colours and love.”




Artshala by Neha

Artshala is place where you will learn different kind of painting skills. Our goal is too give growing artist an opportunity to understand and explore painting techniques. you'll meet so many painting media during your journey to become an confidant and expert artist. 

Artshala also offers Piano lessons for all ages. You will learn to read music and play beautiful songs on Piano or keyboard.

Welcome to Artshala!!


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